jueves, 11 de septiembre de 2008

Opening new windows

This post is just a little side note to Microsoft friends and ex-colleagues.

A couple of days ago I became the local "personality" feature of the New Indian Express, Trivandrum suplement. Although the article was titled "opening new windows", it somehow felt like "closing old windows" to me. Taken out of context, my words seem to carry a meaning that was never intended.

For instance, I never said that Microsoft was "a great wall". What I did say is that in my former job I was facing a wall, while here I am surrounded by natural beauty. Now my window overlooks a paradisiac lake and a jungle of coconut trees - pretty much what I used to have as a screen saver before!

I also never said my former job was monotonous. However I decided to quit Microsoft to fulfill my nomadic dreams, I still treasure the fun memories of my team and work in Dublin.

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